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So numerous goods are new when you are a parent, let alone the idea of jumping on a plane with your child. Traveling with a baby is not as tough as it sounds. It’s expected to be a little confused before traveling, but the truth is, traveling with a baby becomes more accessible when you know what to do.

I recently came back from Puerto Rico with my four months old, so I want to share my experience and some suggestions to make traveling with your baby smoother for both of you.

Baby Age

Newborns have weaker immune systems, so it is not good to travel shortly after giving birth. If possible, wait until your child is three months old because a baby’s immune system is more developed by three months of age or after they get their vaccines.

However, if you need to travel with your little one, no worries, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to protect the baby from germs.

Travel With A Lap Baby To Avoid Paying Baby Fare

One advantage of flying with a little one is that you don’t have to pay for a separate seat for them, though what parent could not use the extra space? Luckily, In my case, the plane on the way there was almost empty, so I had three seats for me. You can buy a separate ticket for them, or you can hold the baby on your lap during the flight.

Know Airlines Policy

You will be pleased to know that most airlines authorize each ticketed traveler to check one car seat and one stroller for free at the ticket counter or the gate. Airlines do permit one carry-on diaper bag per lap infant at no extra charge. I had a great experience with American Airlines they were friendly, understanding, and took really good care of the baby and me.

American Airlines

Do A Fast Diaper Change Earlier To Boarding The Plane

Changing tables are available in the airplane bathroom. Do a fast diaper change before boarding.

Flight Times

Select flight times that match your child sleep pattern.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Don’t forget to bring noise-canceling headphones. The loud noise of an airplane’s engine can make it challenging for your child to sleep.


In the airports, there are rooms specifically for breastfeeding, which is very convenient. In-plane they give me water for his milk.


I hope this article will help to ease the experience of traveling with your baby. Don’t be scared by the idea of traveling with a baby. Many airlines are family-friendly and go the extra mile to make the experience loveable for you and your baby. With a bit of preparation, traveling will become much more manageable. Most important don’t forget to ENJOY and take tons of pictures.

Condado, Puerto Rico



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