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As an expectant mom, the question of how to stay fashionable with your bulging tummy and other changes in your body usually comes up pretty soon.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, most mothers start making plans on the desired clothing they will utilize as their baby bump will start growing.

Today I’ll be sharing with you, some fashion tips that I utilized and continue doing so.

Consider shopping at your house first.

Purchase nothing for as far as might be possible, and wear what you have until your baby bump starts developing, this will help to reduce cost. Of course, every mom and bodies are different. I particularly didn’t grow a belly until I was about 7 months pregnant, but my legs, butt, and hips grew from the beginning that’s why jeans or pants were not an option for me.  

Your goal while shopping if you MUST should be to purchase flowy/comfy clothes that you can combine with your normal available clothes in your wardrobe.


Especially if you are in summer, you’d want to live in cute, flowy, and fresh dresses. You can always accessories your dresses, with cute jewelry, nice sandals, a jacket for those chilly summer nights, and also hats.  

Keep Your Comfortable Footwear

After my first trimester of pregnancy, I found it difficult to walk around in heels, which made up a great percentage of my footwear; Also, since my feet were a little bit swollen. Tennis shoes or enclosed shoes were uncomfortable for me. So, I choose to wear flats all the time, mostly open flats.

 As your body transforms, you need to feel as good as possible under these circumstances; and whatever you wear affects that.

As I said before while your pregnancy progresses, you may see your feet and lower legs beginning to expand or appear swollen. This can be a major wellspring of distress, so pick your footwear accordingly to needs at that time. However, be mindful not to wear footwear with slippery soles; as that might be dangerous.

Get A Bra Expander

Bras can be expensive, and as we know we all try to save as much money as we can because babies are more expensive lol. As long as you are comfortable and still can wear your size cup, I’d suggest you buy a bra expander that costs no more than a few bucks and you don’t have to replace the whole bra. What I’ve worn my entire pregnancy and become my best friends are sports bras.

Eventually, you will have to invest in maternity bras especially if you plan on breastfeeding, I’ve purchased a few different brands to pick which one I like better once the baby is here. I’ve got all of them in a neutral color although some women say black is better with stains.  

Just Buy What It Can Grow with You

In a situation that you feel your wardrobe room is deficient in wearable things for your evolving figure, purchase new clothing that can develop with you. Try not to purchase something that will just fit you for possibly 14 days.

In general, stretchy and comfy clothes are advised to be worn and pregnant women should avoid putting on tight wears of any form.

The most important thing is YOU so overall wear what makes you feel good and happy, wear it with confidence because you are beautiful with that baby bump. I hope this inspires you to dress up, try new clothes, play with accessories, and just relax this is a great stage of your life.



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